Saturday, May 1, 2010

This blog is principally addressed to me.
I am writing this Blog with great pain.  When I am writing this Blog I feel very small.  It is unfortunate that I have not been able to improve till today.  I don’t know if I would ever improve.  At any rate let me hope to improve some day.
I am not able to overcome the feeling that I should have financial security.  I am not able to overcome the feeling that minimum comforts such as a fan and good food is required.
It is unfortunate that all of us are in search of security.  Security at all places and at any cost.  Economic security.  Social security.  We want no troubles.  We don’t want any opposition.  Every one should like us.  Every where we should be acceptable.  Every one should respect us. We should hold good posts.  We should remain recognized as good people.
Society is eager to give every one of the above.  It loves to give us each of the above.  The only thing it asks in return is our freedom.  Our freedom to think, our freedom to act, our freedom to propagate orr faith,  our freedom to live the way we want to live.
The above is the bargain.  Why does society want us to surrender our freedom?  Our freedom means our individuality.  Society is a crowd.  It wants every one to be part of it.  It is tense to see a stranger outside itself.
In life every moment we have to take decisions.  Every moment we are at the cross roads.  To decide which way to go, every minute we have to decide our path.  Always there are atleast two paths.  One is what is comfortable, convenient, acceptable to the society.  The other is the one which is not often treaded.  It could be dangerous.  We don’t know whether it would be comfortable and convenient or dangerous.
Oh! What pleasure it would give when we enter the unthreaded path!!!.  It would be a great pleasure at the present.  We don’t  follow it because we are more concerned about the future than the present.  We are more concerned with our experiences of the past rather than the present.  Our experiences have conditioned us not to try anything new.  The new may give us extraordinarily great success, comfort and pleasure in the future.  But  we don’t  know the yield.  We are worried that the yield may be bad.  This worry is enough not to choose something new for the present.
Every person who has lived in his own way is disliked by the society.  Socratice was poisoned.  Jesus was crucified.
Why are we afraid of dislike by the society?  Life is so beautiful to live in a original way.  It is the defect of the society that it does not like individuals with original ways and original ideas.  Should we give up our individuality to please the society?.
Respectability is a stupid condition between us and our life.  I have throughout been telling that what is relevant is only the present and we need not necessarily respect judgement of others..
Unfortunately we don’t know ourselves.  We know ourselves only as the society recognizes us.  We recognize ourselves through the mirror of the society.  Until we are able to see ourselves without the media of the mirror called as society, we can never improve.
There is so much of pleasure in the uncertainty.  There is so much of pleasure in the unknown fanthoms of future.  If only we live wanting security every moment, we will ot have  the pleasure of uncertain future.  Apart from that our progress would also cease by what is called as stagnation of security.
I am not advising  to avoid danger.  I am asking  all of us  to live with awareness of danger where danger is our shelter, our resting place.  When we  start living under the shelter of danger, the danger ceases to be danger.
We   should have no antagonism towards insecurity.  If we  reject insecurity.  If we  have antagonism, it can never become our abode. When we  accept danger as natural, it becomes our abode.
Life is wonderful if it is exposed to storms, cyclones, dangers and uncertainty.
Why should write this when  I have failed?
It is said that when a person who has knowledge,  does not share it, he will become a ghost.  Knowing truth is one aspect.  It is not the end.  We have to share it.  If anybody listens, it is good.  If nobody listens, then also it is good.  If the listener understands, it is good.  If he does not understand it is ok.
My failure is no reason to say that I should not tell the truth.


  1. these thoughts appear only when you think too much about the society, and what it has installed for you in the future ,try to ignore it ,and take it as it comes ,as they say
    "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to's learning to dance in the rain. You've got to take the good with the bad, smile with the sad, love what you've got, and remember what you had. Always forgive, but never forget. Learn from mistakes, but never regret."

  2. I think you always pride yourself in projecting what you are not and tell people something what you donot feel right, trying to project yourself and your blog as a bench mark for people to ignore the society. I think you should grow up to realities of life. I donot think the contents reflect you in any way.