Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I am tempted to extract a passage from T.T. Rangarajan’s book ‘Unposted Letter’.
“I need a relationship in which I won’t be held against myself. I have my strengths. I have my shortcomings. The search is for that one relationship in which my lesser side will not be provoked and instigated constantly.
I need a relationship in which my today is not viewed with the mistakes I made yesterday. Being human ... I’m bound to err every now and then. I want someone who won’t maintain a database of my mistakes.
I need a relationship where I can be transparent. I need a relationship in which I don’t have to alter my likes and dislikes to gain and retain the relationship. I need a relationship in which my self-image is not scratched. I need a relationship in which I’m not asked to be anyone else. I need a relationship in which I feel completely myself... even more than when I am with my own self.
Oh my dear readers, if you already have one such relationship... please go down on your knees in gratitude, for there cannot be a greater gift from life. Such a relationship is life’s greatest gift.
If you don’t have one, despair not. Didn’t he say from the mountain top – ‘Do unto others what you want others do unto you’? Can you be that one to someone else? Gift ourselves into someone’s life. Love someone so completely that you make yourself worthy of being someone’s greatest gift.”


  1. Who is T.T.Rangarajan? Is he a pontiff or spiritual leader of some kind?

  2. He is the founder of Almamator, to my knowledge.

  3. If you have one such relationship, do godown on your knees, but please introspect yourself to find out if you deserve such relation ship. Because sacrifice is the essence of relationships and it should not be one sided.