Wednesday, May 5, 2010

If you want to live well there should be no suppression, there should be no secrets, there should be no false projection.  The day you are able to live the way you want to live, the day you are able to tell the world that it should accept you as you are, the day you are able to live by yourself the way you are, the day you are not worried about what the world would think of you knowing what you are, your life is the best.
You have made your life a drawing room of your house.  If you happen to visit someone’s sitting room, don’t take it to be his house, he does not eat here, he does not sleep here, he only receives his guests, this is a show piece to create a good impression.  His house is where he lives, eats, grumbles, quarrels, fights and where he is himself.  The sitting room is just a cover. It is a mask to deceive others (Osho).
The day you do not have a separate sitting room and you turn your house into a sitting room, or alternatively the day you are able to show  everyone, without hesitation, your house,   and not merely your drawing room, your life is beautiful.


  1. The best advice is almost always, the most difficult to follow! LOL

  2. Every one wants their house be presented very fine for others. If there is no effort in making it presentable, and think that your own shit spot is best according to you and expect people to accept as what you are! Think about it. How much ever you think that I donot care for the society and want to present as you are without caring for the society, you have to say to your self you are the best. I think we all live in society. We have to be presentable, and take guests to drawing room instead of shitspot.

  3. Getting over one's performance anxiety... easier said than done! Bhasi, i concur.

  4. Hesitation is a factor of fear of rejection..... the only reason for ur(gen man's) social status