Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Very few of us have evening stroll regularly.  There are a few lucky ones who have evening stroll regularly.
I remember my old days.  Between the age of 18 to 25 every day I had evening stroll.  It was with friends.  I left the house, joined the friends, wandered aimlessly.  Walking with friends was the destination.  Making jokes and laughing was the purpose.  Myself and my friends laughed.  We made fun.  We had a very little money  in our pocket.  We pooled it and had a cup of coffee.  What a gorgeous life it was.
I was not running.  I had no purpose.  The only purpose of life was to celebrate.  The only purpose of life was to enjoy.    I had no duties.   Life was a festivity.  I had no home work.  I had no task to be performed.
Honestly I have no work today unless I volunteer.  I don’t have any needs.  I can comfortably wander aimlessly.  I can make my life into a feast.
But my friends are running and if I don’t run I will lag behind.  Ah!!!  What a wonderful concept!!!!  I want to run without aim.  I want to give up festivity without aim.  I want to give up celebration for running without aim.  
Are we working to live or are we living to work.  Unfortunately we are living to work.  I want to run very fast.  I don’t mind having no leisure to sing, dance and celebrate.
Except man all animals are celebrating.  They run to hunt when they are hungry.  Once their hunger is satisfied, they rest.  They love, they enjoy.  Why not man?

What   a   fool   I am!!


  1. its C'est la vie FIL!! Helpless situation of a human! No wonder Charles Darwin came up with "The Survival of the fittest"!!
    "Are we working to live or are we living to work. Unfortunately we are living to work"- jus loved this sentence!! so tue but confounded though!!

  2. Life is a rat race. So far we donot realise the fact, Life shall be beautiful, aimless, and a very nice experience. But one has to realise the rat race and face life.