Wednesday, June 9, 2010


There is no need to tell that money is very important and one should earn lot of money. The absence of need to tell about this is because every one knows it rather believes in it.
If making money is an end, if it is the ultimate objective, if that is the destination, it is proper that we follow the objective and reach the end.
But life is very strange. Reason has never worked, emotions alone work. In this regard earlier I had quoted Ayn Rand as follows:
“You’ll say it doesn’t make sense? Of course it doesn’t. That’s why it works. Reason can be fought with reason. How are you going to fight the unreasonable? The trouble with you, my dear, and with most people, is that you don’t have sufficient respect for the senseless. The senseless is the major factor in our lives. You have no chance if it is your enemy.”
So you have to find a way to make money and if you are looking at a way based on reason, it is unlikely that you will succeed.
Take my words. If you want to make money first stop worrying about money! Stop caring for money! Start proclaiming that you don’t care for money!
He alone wins who does not want to win. Your mind should start having faith (not belief) that having or having no money makes no difference.(But that you would make money with sublime love to it) Start working on anything you are used to. Let earning become a by-product.
A Minister went to a sugar factory, he was told that by-product molasses brings more money than main product the sugar. He suggested that they should start manufacturing the by-product. Let us not do it. Let us concentrate on the main product viz. what ever services you are giving. Let us stop worrying about the by-product the money. Once you don’t care for money, money will pour.
The money you earn is never dependent upon the services that you give. The money you earn is directly proportional to the sublime feeling you give to the person receiving the services as to your capacities, capabilities, individuality. The moment he knows that you have the faith that having or having no money makes no difference to you, he is afraid to offer you less. He himself would volunteer to pay more.
If you want to make money stop asking for money. You should create a situation where others feel hurt not to pay you money rather than you being hurt.
As long as people know that you want money, you will not make more money. As long as you go after money, you will not make much money. You can make much money only when money starts chasing you. Money will start chasing you only when you don’t care for money. You can stop caring for money when you have faith that having or not having money makes no difference.
This Blog is full of contradictions. I start the Blog telling that if you want to make money, make money and work for it. In the same Blog I say don’t care for money.
It is easy to see a contradiction. Even a child can do that. It does not require any intelligence to point out contradiction. If you see something in the contradiction which is not contradictory, you raise.
When you don’t chase money, when you give up attitude to chase money and still have sublime love for money which sublime love is never known to anyone else with whom you are dealing, you can make money faster and easily.


Katopanishad distinguishes between Shreya and Preya. This is the most important chapter in Katopanishad.
Preya is you seeking immediate pleasures. Shreya is to go in search of ultimate good.
You think of a girl. You want to associate with her. If you associate with her It would give immediate pleasure. But very often rather always as soon as you associate with her, you would find that the happiness you thought that you would get by association is a mirage. Preya is that which appears to give a great joy when you achieve it. But the joy would disappear when you get it or approach closer.
In so far as Shreya is concerned it is that which gives you ultimate good. Invariably the path of Shreya would show unhappiness, inconvenience, difficulties in the beginning.
Katopanishad also differentiates between vidhya and avidhya. Vidya and avidhya have a different meaning in Katopanishad. Vidhya is that knowledge which takes you to shreya while avidhya is that which takes you to preya.
There is one inner world and there is one outer world. Inner world is the one which you have to conceive, imagine which is beyond your senses but which does exists. Outer world is the one which you can see through your senses.
The knowledge of the existence of inner world is the crucial aspect to think of shreya, go towards shreya and achieve shreya as well as not to bother about preya. The difficulty arises in knowing that there is an inner world and in understanding of the inner world.
Some other day we shall know what is the inner world and its importance.