Wednesday, May 5, 2010

In continuation of my Blog “Why don’t you live dangerously’ I found a passage from ‘Krishna’ by Osho I thought that I should quote it.
“A little bunch of wild flowers lived, sheltered in the crevices of old city wall.  Winds and storms failed to disturb them.  Sun’s rays could not burn them.  Rains could not ruin them.  This is all because of protection of wall.
There was a rose bush in the neighborhood.  The presence of gorgeous roses made the wild flower feel inferior and ashamed.  They prayed God to turn them into roses.
God said ‘why get into in unnecessary troubles, .  The life of rose is very hard when there is storm it shakes the roots, when it blooms someone will pluck it’.
Wild flowers insisted and God made them into roses.  Immediately  after  God made them into roses   saga of trials and tribulations began.  Storms shook its roots, rains drowned it, mid days burnt  its petals, it suffered  miserably.
Other wild flowers around ridiculed the new rose ‘we told you.  You did not listen.  See how secure we are.  Why have you made your life a mess.
The new rose said “You are fools.  I say that it is far better to be a rose just for twenty-four hours and live dangerously than to live in lifelong security as little wild flowers protected by a high wall.  It was great to breathe with the storms and fight with the winds.  I was in contact with the sun and I had a dialogue with the stars.  I have achieved my soul and I am so fulfilled. I lived fully and I am going to die fully.  As far as you are concerned you live a life of living death.”

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  1. A very good one, so beautifully told by OSHO!!! I jus wanna share one consorting quote from a very great songwriter, musician named KURT COBAIN from the popular band called NIRVANA, who said- "ITS BETTER TO BURN OUT THAN TO FADE AWAY SLOWLY".. great thoughts difficult in operation! Its all in attitude and on the principle of razor 's edge na FIL??