Saturday, May 29, 2010


Bhagwad Gita is so lengthy because Arjuna goes on entertaining doubts. At one point Krishna tells “sanshayatma vinashyati”.
Krishna answers every doubt of Arjuna. Hence it cannot be said that Krishna is opposed to doubts.
Krishna must have meant indecisiveness (not doubt) to be the meaning of sanshayatma.
Doubt is a step towards decision. Doubt is good. It is only when you get doubt, you will go ahead and there is a chance of arriving at correct decision. But doubts are to be cleared and decision must be taken.
Decisions could be right and it could be wrong. Very often the correctness of the decision will be known after the decision is implemented. Decision is a must. Be it right or be it wrong. Indecision would ruin a person.

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