Saturday, May 8, 2010


A chair knows what it is for.  It is for sitting.
A man has no purpose.  The purposelessness of man is the beauty and glory of life.
Purpose is required if you are a means for an end.  If you are an end by itself, you can have no purpose.  A man is an end by himself.
A man lives for his satisfaction, for his happiness, for his contentment.
A man sings to his satisfaction.  If he sings to get a prize, a name, money, his singing becomes a means.  It will have a purpose.  It is not an end by itself.  The moment it is not an end, it is not done for satisfaction and happiness.  
That man is happy who has no purpose.  That man is happy who is not a means to achieve an end.  That man is happy who is an end by himself.
There is no need to think that I suggest that men should be lazy.  I am only suggesting to lead life for its intrinsic value.  One should do what he wants and not to prove his capabilities and not to get some advantage.   Do the job you love, for the love of job.  Realize that you have freedom to live the way you want to live.  Only when you completely exploit the freedom, you will be a complete man.
Inspired by Nirvana by Osho.

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  1. If osho can inspre a leaned man like the author of the blog to compare a chair and a human being, osho must be some thing. A man lives for his satisfaction, man lives forhis happiness and a man lives for his contentment, such men deserve 'selfish' before that man. Family and society should be the man's utmost concerns before exploiting the freedom confirred on him. A man who has no concern for the family or society and thinks of only himself will not be suitable to live in a society. I really donot think, osho will have put the 'I' factor before the 'WE', 'FAMILY' or 'SOCIETY'.