Saturday, May 29, 2010


By logic existence of God can never be true. By logic there cannot be a person called God whom we can meet or interview. By logic there cannot even be a God who is all powerful, who can take decision and whose decision would always prevail.
But speaking of ultimate reality in Katopanishad it is said “Who but the one who says ‘it is’ can know it?”.
So Katopanishad says only one who has trust in God can know God.
When we say there is no God, we are speaking of logic. Logic defeats existence of God. But a theist does not depend on logic. He depends on trust. He depends upon the omnipotence of his thought, that God exists. He trusts that there is God.
Very often you don’t know as to whether you love a girl because she is beautiful or she looks beautiful because you love her.
Identical. You trust God. He exists for you. You don’t trust God. He does not exist for you.
It is not important as to whether God exists or not. What is important is do you have faith in the existence or non-existance of God.
What does the atheist achieve by telling that no God exists. He wins an argument. He lives on logic. Neither the argument nor the logic will give him the fragrance of life. An atheist can never be convinced. Firstly for the reason that he is not ready to be convinced and secondly for the reason that God is beyond logic.
But except winning the argument Atheist gets nothing. His ego is satisfied.
On the other hand theist looks at life differently, on trust, without logic.
So existence of God or non-existence of God will not make any difference to anyone. The difference is made depending upon whether you trust in him or not.


Bhagwad Gita is so lengthy because Arjuna goes on entertaining doubts. At one point Krishna tells “sanshayatma vinashyati”.
Krishna answers every doubt of Arjuna. Hence it cannot be said that Krishna is opposed to doubts.
Krishna must have meant indecisiveness (not doubt) to be the meaning of sanshayatma.
Doubt is a step towards decision. Doubt is good. It is only when you get doubt, you will go ahead and there is a chance of arriving at correct decision. But doubts are to be cleared and decision must be taken.
Decisions could be right and it could be wrong. Very often the correctness of the decision will be known after the decision is implemented. Decision is a must. Be it right or be it wrong. Indecision would ruin a person.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


To C.L. Ramanath,
With respect to your comments on ‘What am I for’ I had never differentiated between myself, society and we. I had only said that we should live without a purpose. We should live to be an end by ourselves.
My personal view is I as well as you are important and neither I have a business to interfere with you nor you have a business to interfere with me. I do not want to live for others and I don’t want others to live for me.
I had never said we should disrespect society or some one else. I certainly said that I am important.
With respect to your comments on my Blog ‘Poisonous hope of parents’ my very objection was that parents try to guide too much. I am not in agreement with you that I said that parents should not guide children. I only said that parents should not try to make the child utility oriented. I never said that parents should not have love. I said their expectation should not prevail over a situation where the child would be able to take his own decision.
With respect to your comment on ‘Teach the children how to read’ I don’t know why you say that I said that parents should not ask the kids to read. On the other hand I had specifically said that we should encourage the children to read. I think my Blog has been misunderstood by you. To emphasize that, I repeat what I have said in my Blog.
“It is not enough if we emphasize to the children the need to read, we should emphasize the mode of studying. We must tell that as and when they are reading their mind should simultaneously work and find out what is useful and what is not. They must learn the discretion to skip pages while reading when they come to useless information. Atleast if they can’t skip pages, they must have the wisdom and knowledge to throw overboard what is not useful.”
With respect to your comment on ‘Give the best gift’ you have a total misconception of the word sacrifice. Sacrifice is never two sided. It is always one sided. I have one such relationship. I go down on my knees. I am not able to reciprocate. I am sorry for that. But that does not mean that I should not accept the gift which is given to me. Further although I said that I am not able to reciprocate, it is not for me to say that. May be some one thinks that I have given the best gift and I may not know.
With respect to your comments on ‘The truth you resist is the battle you fight’ what you have written is correct. But my Blog does not cover that situation. My Blog says at a time when you can’t take some one else’s behavior how you should deal with it.
Sorry for the delay. I depend on Stenographer and I don’t know typing.

To Archana,
You are wrong in writing that speech is silver and silence is gold is incorrect. It is correct. What we are dealing with is a situation where people speak.
I had always said communication is very important. The reason I told so is because we have not learnt to express through silence and we have not understood to understand silence.
You yourself have said that the person who speaks less is liked. It is not a merit to say that you don’t care not being liked. You must feel happy to be liked. But absence of liking should not bother you.
There is joy in silence. You may wonder how can I speak about it when I don’t know anything about silence.
Believe me I know what I am missing because of being not able to be silent.

To Bhaskar,
I am sure that to forget is to remember works. I have not read it anywhere. I have heard it somewhere. I have seen in life that those who remember minute things like color of the saree, the type of saree worn by someone on a particular day, the food prepared 5 days back, are not capable of remembering other things which according to us may be more important.
We can put it the other way. It is not the quantity of what you can remember. It is the quality of what you can remember. In fact in my Blog I have emphasized this aspect. I had told that you must try to remember that which is of quality to you meaning that which is of relevance to you.
I will try to find out whether there is any scientific basis to say “to forget is to remember”.


From our childhood we are taught that honesty, hard work and sincerity takes us to great heights. Honesty certainly gives peace of mind. To a great extent it satisfies ego. So is sincerity. Again hard work gives us pleasure if we do it as celebration and not as duty. But I have not seen in my life that any of these responsible for a person to reach great heights. Assuming that there is a person who has reached great heights with these attributes, he would be an exception. All those who are honest, hard working and sincere have not reached great heights.
We are taught that education is very important. It will help us to become successful. Probably this might have been right if the word education had been understood properly. In reality education is understanding life as a whole.
But the moment the word education is used, what occurs to our mind is going to school, college, getting degrees is education. If this is the concept of education, education would not make us successful. This sort of education which is pursued with the idea of becoming successful would make you a mediocre. You will end up an Advocate, an Engineer or a Doctor and you start thinking that you have become successful. Becoming a professional and earning little money or even more money cannot be the definition of success.
We are taught that you should be good, people should like you, people should call you good, everyone should like you. It is good to be good because it gives you inherent and inbuilt satisfaction. But the moment people know that you are good, they would exploit you. At least majority of them would exploit you. The moment people like you, they are comfortable with you. The moment there is a sense of comfort, they misbehave. They don’t maintain the distance. They don’t respect your privacy. They don’t care to know your values or wishes. No, the proper way is to be good, but no one should know that you are a good person. Why should we make our goodness a product available in the market.
You are taught that you should obey parents. If you obey parents what will happen to your originality. Parents in most cases are prejudiced, have an axe to grind in your life by having their own hopes to be achieved through you. They have no objective interest in your life. Their interests are all subjective. They want you to achieve whatever they like.
Be it parents or elders, you have to certainly listen to them with respect, assess their suggestions and reject or accept depending on merits of the suggestion. Where is the question of obeying the parents?
From young age children should be taught that obedience is not a virtue and children should be encouraged to think that they are competent, capable to accept or reject advise and their duty is to only consider the suggestions.
Humility is said to be very good. One of the meanings given to humility is meekness. Humility may mean not to think high of yourself or not to show that you are above others. Humility for all practical purposes is to project yourself to be weak knowing fully well that you are not weak. Why should there be humility? Let us project ourselves the way we think we are.
Humility does not mean not to show disrespect to others. If the advise is not to show disrespect to others or not to ill-treat others, it would be a good advise. We have no business to ill-treat, disrespect or in any way interfere with others’ life. But in the name of humility we are trying to bring down ourselves. Humility is not a good quality.
From start to end everything we are taught at our young age when we have impressionable age, when the age is such that whatever is taught gets imprinted permanently is incorrect. Probably if these things are set right the way the world would steer itself would be different.
I honestly feel that what is being taught to young children is wrong. I honestly feel we should tell them that honesty, work and sincerity is not enough. To become successful originality, conviction to say what you believe, confidence in yourself to proclaim what you believe, love in yourself to achieve what you want are essential. In that connection to be sincere, honest and doing extensive work with pleasure (not as duty and as such is not hard work) is the correct way.
Education does not end with attending schools and colleges. Attending schools and colleges is essential. But to treat it as education is wholly improper. Education is knowing life, knowing the world, knowing the practical aspects of living, knowing that reasons do not prevail, knowing the people are senseless and they constitute majority and knowing how to deal and work in this unreasonable mad world, to know the psychology of people. Education is much more. It escapes any precise definition. But certainly education cannot be confined to attending to schools, colleges and getting degrees.
The moment you have proper education you would not like to be known as a good person. Education would teach you that world is unreasonable, senseless and as such it exploits you if you are known to be good. The moment you know this, you yourself would not like to be called good, although you would like to be good.
Obedience is to surrender yourself. You can never do that. You cannot reduce yourself to a non-entity which would be the result if you are obedient to some one. (Exception to masters)
Humility is bad. You must be strong, world should know that you are strong. Only strong people are respected. Mighty is always right. You must be mighty. People should know that you are mighty. Humility kills the respect that you otherwise command. Humility makes you look good which as I said is a very bad situation.
I don’t know why children are taught wrong aspects. When I disagree with the whole world I get my life time doubt.
“Is there anything seriously wrong with me?”
I hope some one would help me to solve my lifetime doubt.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Most of us plead inability to please others and live happily due to want of financial strength. We think that we are not able to please people because we have economic recession.
Why don’t we we realize that economic recession is no ground not to live a good life. We can take our parents to a local temple instead of pilgrimage, We can take our children to a park nearby, instead of international holiday resort.
Happiness is a question of attitude. If we are not happy as poor men, we cannot be happy as emperors.
Poverty is not dependent upon how much less we have, it depends upon how much more we want.
If only our needs are less, we are rich. If we have no needs we are the richest. Experience in life does not require money.
Earlier I had written a Blog on existing and living. Living is a question of attitude. To know whether we are living or not ask one question viz. when was the last time I did something for the first time. This is a question asked by T.R. Rangarajan.
Let want of finance not make our life wanting in everything. We don’t need money to brush our teeth with our left hand for the first time. We don’t need money to sit with our children in a park and play. We don’t need money to enjoy preparing a new type of food for the wife. Let not economic recession result in recession of our interests to live well.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


There can be no doubt that children should be loved. It is a wonderful experience to love children. No sane man can dispute this, to my knowledge.
What we don’t understand is what is the love to be given to children. We are not able to differentiate between pampering and love.
The question is, does love mean to give to your child what it wants and in the manner it wants or does love mean that you give to the child what it needs and what it deserves.
The utmost kindness of the parents often requires most unkind acts by them. Every one and more so a child needs a Guru. Guru is the person who in the normal parlance we call “ friend, philosopher and guide. “ This position should initially be filled by parents.
In the name of love we develop tolerance, we become tolerant to the imperfections of the children. When you pamper a child, it would become egoistic. Pampering is a fa├žade. The parents would appear nice. The child will get what it wants and in the manner it wants. But there is no mirror which would reflect to the child its nature and its deficiencies.
If you love the child you will take the risk of the child mistaking you and you would work as a constructive critic. By pampering you will make your child not to see the realities.
All of us have deficiency of our own. The greatest deficiency is we are not able to have objective approach on issues concerning us. Objective approach is a very very important thing. We need guidance quite often. We do not know to whom we should go for guidance. In the above circumstances it is very desirable to have a Guru. Such Guru to children is invariably parents.
A Guru would certainly have great love to the disciple or follower, whatever you call. But it is the job of the Guru to be firm and to show kindness by being firm and by being unkind. Compassion of Guru makes him severre.Unless he is severe he is not of much use. Pampering weakens you, while love creates you.


I am tempted to extract a passage from T.T. Rangarajan’s book ‘Unposted Letter’.
“I need a relationship in which I won’t be held against myself. I have my strengths. I have my shortcomings. The search is for that one relationship in which my lesser side will not be provoked and instigated constantly.
I need a relationship in which my today is not viewed with the mistakes I made yesterday. Being human ... I’m bound to err every now and then. I want someone who won’t maintain a database of my mistakes.
I need a relationship where I can be transparent. I need a relationship in which I don’t have to alter my likes and dislikes to gain and retain the relationship. I need a relationship in which my self-image is not scratched. I need a relationship in which I’m not asked to be anyone else. I need a relationship in which I feel completely myself... even more than when I am with my own self.
Oh my dear readers, if you already have one such relationship... please go down on your knees in gratitude, for there cannot be a greater gift from life. Such a relationship is life’s greatest gift.
If you don’t have one, despair not. Didn’t he say from the mountain top – ‘Do unto others what you want others do unto you’? Can you be that one to someone else? Gift ourselves into someone’s life. Love someone so completely that you make yourself worthy of being someone’s greatest gift.”

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


There are people who read extensively, book after book from start to finish. They know immense extent of information. But they are incapable of assorting the material that they have gathered from books. They can’t classify the information they have as to useful and useless. Very often they have vague information of what they had read and they are neither able to pinpoint where and from which book they got the information nor the information is absolutely correct reproduction.
They can’t give pinpointed information principally because the extent of information is very vast and it is not assorted.
To forget is to remember. If you want to remember important things you have to forget unwanted things. You have to reduce the load on your faculties. If you remember or try to remember every information, the remembrance is neither clear nor full. It is always vague.
It is not enough if we emphasize to the children the need to read, we should emphasize the mode of studying. We must tell that as and when they are reading their mind should simultaneously work and find out what is useful and what is not. They must learn the discretion to skip pages while reading when they come to useless information. Atleast if they can’t skip pages, they must have the wisdom and knowledge to throw overboard what is not useful.
Reading is always with a purpose. Depending on your calling, your need, your love, your taste, you are looking for some information. If you are reading a book with the idea of you having to become a writer, the vocabulary, the presentation, the description of cloud and flowers would all be useful. If you are reading the same book only to know the story, the above informations would be useless. The person who reads must know what is useful to him and what is not useful to him.
Reading could be to earn one’s daily bread or to achieve higher human aspirations or to know about the world in which we have to live or may be to know the inner secrets of philosophy which may give you peace of mind. It is for you to decide the purpose of reading. Depending upon the purpose, what is useful and what is not useful has to be decided.
When you read history if it is to face examination the dates of war would be relevant. If you are reading history to know life or to lead a country being at the helm of affairs the dates are not relevant but what strategies were adopted, what input gave what results would be relevant.
If the children are not respected by giving them choice at each and every stage, if the children are not encouraged to take decisions for themselves, if the children are not told that they are intelligent enough to classify what is useful and what is not useful and if children are not told to forget what is not necessary, so that they can remember what is necessary, their growth would be hampered.
Collection of informations without assorting would make such men useless but egoistic and conceited. He considers himself well educated. whereas the truth is he has distanced himself from the realities of the life.


I have always emphasized the importance of communication to my son and daughter-in-law. Communication is the basic lifeline for proper relation to exist and continue. If there is no communication or if there is improper communication it would severe the relation. In this regard I liked a passage from T.T. Rangarajan’s Unposted letter and I am extracting it.
“The secret of emotional health is to tell the persons who hurt you that they hurt you, when they hurt you. Otherwise, these incomplete cycles will reappear sometime in the future and ruin even your good times.
You are telling me, ‘Honestly, if I start expressing all my thoughts and feelings, I will hurt the person who matters so much to me.’ I am telling you, ‘If you don’t, you will eventually hurt the relationship itself.’
Let us learn to face the truth, even if it hurts. Let those who matter to us the most learn to face the truth, even if it hurts. Communicate your thoughts and feelings directly to the person who instigated it. Be prompt. Don’t wait for ideal conditions. Be simple. Finish your complaint and let go. Don’t exaggerate, don’t nag; avoid overkill. If the person feels with you, you have succeeded. If not, understand who you are dealing with. Accept what is. Forgive and let go of your hurt. Move on …. You have nothing to prove.”
Although I had emphasized on the need to communicate, I never had the clarity. I read it today. I am very happy.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

never make important work urgent

Every one of us have some work or the other to do.  The type of work that we do can be classified under four heads.
1.      Work which is not important and not urgent.
2.      Work which is not important but urgent.
3.      Work which is important and not urgent.
4.      Work which is important and urgent.
We will not worry much about work which is not important.  So we are left with work which is important and not urgent and work which is important and urgent.
Wisdom lies in taking care to see that we will never have work which is important and urgent.  If we attend to work which is important and not urgent and regularly, we are not likely to have a work which is important   and urgent.
For example doing exercise is important because it would maintain your health.  But it is not urgent because you can do it in the evening, next day, continuously for some days and skip one or two days.  If you don’t do this work which is important and not urgent, you will get diseases, you will get heart problems and a situation would arise where you have to be taken to hospital which job is urgent and important.
I have given only one example.  We have to take care to see that there shall be no important work which is urgent.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Closely associated with my previous Blog “What am I for?” the present Blog comes.
In life man wants to be loved for himself for nothing else.  A man wants to be loved as he is and for his being.  Except parents no one else can give such love.  In this regard Ayn Rand has written as follows which I had quoted in my earlier Blog ‘Subject: To quote Ayn Rand’.
“I am neither foe nor friend to my brothers, but such as each of them shall deserve of me.  And to earn my love, my brothers must do more than to have been born.  I do not grant my love without reason, nor to any chance passer-by who may wish to claim it.  I honor men with my love.  But honor is a thing to be earned.”
It is only the parents who can make an exception to the above rule  and love their children for the sake of love.  But it does not happen.
Every parent is trying to force children  into some utility.  Every parent want  their children to prove.   Their egos are worried because they are planning   fulfillment of their unfulfilled egos through their children.  That is what the present age children will do to their children as and when they become old and get children.
By the hope of the parents they destroy their children.
Just as a child comes out of womb of the mother, it has to come out of the expectation of the parents.  Then only he becomes free and he would stand on his legs.
The love to the children should be absolute, unconditional, accepting them as they are without expecting them to fulfill any demand.  A child brought up under this condition will live   for delight.  He will be an end by himself.  Otherwise he will be a means to an end.
If your hope is going to convert your child’s life into a means rather than end, such hope is poisonous. 


A chair knows what it is for.  It is for sitting.
A man has no purpose.  The purposelessness of man is the beauty and glory of life.
Purpose is required if you are a means for an end.  If you are an end by itself, you can have no purpose.  A man is an end by himself.
A man lives for his satisfaction, for his happiness, for his contentment.
A man sings to his satisfaction.  If he sings to get a prize, a name, money, his singing becomes a means.  It will have a purpose.  It is not an end by itself.  The moment it is not an end, it is not done for satisfaction and happiness.  
That man is happy who has no purpose.  That man is happy who is not a means to achieve an end.  That man is happy who is an end by himself.
There is no need to think that I suggest that men should be lazy.  I am only suggesting to lead life for its intrinsic value.  One should do what he wants and not to prove his capabilities and not to get some advantage.   Do the job you love, for the love of job.  Realize that you have freedom to live the way you want to live.  Only when you completely exploit the freedom, you will be a complete man.
Inspired by Nirvana by Osho.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

If you want to live well there should be no suppression, there should be no secrets, there should be no false projection.  The day you are able to live the way you want to live, the day you are able to tell the world that it should accept you as you are, the day you are able to live by yourself the way you are, the day you are not worried about what the world would think of you knowing what you are, your life is the best.
You have made your life a drawing room of your house.  If you happen to visit someone’s sitting room, don’t take it to be his house, he does not eat here, he does not sleep here, he only receives his guests, this is a show piece to create a good impression.  His house is where he lives, eats, grumbles, quarrels, fights and where he is himself.  The sitting room is just a cover. It is a mask to deceive others (Osho).
The day you do not have a separate sitting room and you turn your house into a sitting room, or alternatively the day you are able to show  everyone, without hesitation, your house,   and not merely your drawing room, your life is beautiful.

Very few of us have evening stroll regularly.  There are a few lucky ones who have evening stroll regularly.
I remember my old days.  Between the age of 18 to 25 every day I had evening stroll.  It was with friends.  I left the house, joined the friends, wandered aimlessly.  Walking with friends was the destination.  Making jokes and laughing was the purpose.  Myself and my friends laughed.  We made fun.  We had a very little money  in our pocket.  We pooled it and had a cup of coffee.  What a gorgeous life it was.
I was not running.  I had no purpose.  The only purpose of life was to celebrate.  The only purpose of life was to enjoy.    I had no duties.   Life was a festivity.  I had no home work.  I had no task to be performed.
Honestly I have no work today unless I volunteer.  I don’t have any needs.  I can comfortably wander aimlessly.  I can make my life into a feast.
But my friends are running and if I don’t run I will lag behind.  Ah!!!  What a wonderful concept!!!!  I want to run without aim.  I want to give up festivity without aim.  I want to give up celebration for running without aim.  
Are we working to live or are we living to work.  Unfortunately we are living to work.  I want to run very fast.  I don’t mind having no leisure to sing, dance and celebrate.
Except man all animals are celebrating.  They run to hunt when they are hungry.  Once their hunger is satisfied, they rest.  They love, they enjoy.  Why not man?

What   a   fool   I am!!
It is unfortunate that we don’t want to learn from history.  I shall extract a portion of history.  Alexander the Great, met a great sage Diogenes.  Their dialogue is as follows:
Diogenes “Where are you going and for what?”
Alexander “I am going to conquer Asia minor first, then India, then the whole world.”
Diogenes “What will you do after you have conquered the world?”
Alexander “Then I will rest and relax”.
Diogenes burst into loud laughter, called his dog and said “listen to this mad king, he would like to rest after he conquers the world” and told Alexander “If rest is your ultimate objective why not join me and my dog right now on this beautiful river bank?  There is enough space for us all.  Why are you going to create so much trouble and disturbance around the world just to rest at the end?  You can rest right here and right now.
Alexander said “What you say seems to be sensible.  But I cannot rest now.  Let me first conquer the world.”
All of us are in the same plight.  I am running because my friends are running.  What is the destination, I don’t know.  My friends who are  running also do not know their destination.  I don’t want to lag behind.
 What is the purpose of runing.  Ultimately the purpose is I want to take rest and relax just as great Alexander wanted.   What Diogenes said makes  sense to me also.  But I cannot rest now.  I have to run.

In continuation of my Blog “Why don’t you live dangerously’ I found a passage from ‘Krishna’ by Osho I thought that I should quote it.
“A little bunch of wild flowers lived, sheltered in the crevices of old city wall.  Winds and storms failed to disturb them.  Sun’s rays could not burn them.  Rains could not ruin them.  This is all because of protection of wall.
There was a rose bush in the neighborhood.  The presence of gorgeous roses made the wild flower feel inferior and ashamed.  They prayed God to turn them into roses.
God said ‘why get into in unnecessary troubles, .  The life of rose is very hard when there is storm it shakes the roots, when it blooms someone will pluck it’.
Wild flowers insisted and God made them into roses.  Immediately  after  God made them into roses   saga of trials and tribulations began.  Storms shook its roots, rains drowned it, mid days burnt  its petals, it suffered  miserably.
Other wild flowers around ridiculed the new rose ‘we told you.  You did not listen.  See how secure we are.  Why have you made your life a mess.
The new rose said “You are fools.  I say that it is far better to be a rose just for twenty-four hours and live dangerously than to live in lifelong security as little wild flowers protected by a high wall.  It was great to breathe with the storms and fight with the winds.  I was in contact with the sun and I had a dialogue with the stars.  I have achieved my soul and I am so fulfilled. I lived fully and I am going to die fully.  As far as you are concerned you live a life of living death.”

Saturday, May 1, 2010

This blog is principally addressed to me.
I am writing this Blog with great pain.  When I am writing this Blog I feel very small.  It is unfortunate that I have not been able to improve till today.  I don’t know if I would ever improve.  At any rate let me hope to improve some day.
I am not able to overcome the feeling that I should have financial security.  I am not able to overcome the feeling that minimum comforts such as a fan and good food is required.
It is unfortunate that all of us are in search of security.  Security at all places and at any cost.  Economic security.  Social security.  We want no troubles.  We don’t want any opposition.  Every one should like us.  Every where we should be acceptable.  Every one should respect us. We should hold good posts.  We should remain recognized as good people.
Society is eager to give every one of the above.  It loves to give us each of the above.  The only thing it asks in return is our freedom.  Our freedom to think, our freedom to act, our freedom to propagate orr faith,  our freedom to live the way we want to live.
The above is the bargain.  Why does society want us to surrender our freedom?  Our freedom means our individuality.  Society is a crowd.  It wants every one to be part of it.  It is tense to see a stranger outside itself.
In life every moment we have to take decisions.  Every moment we are at the cross roads.  To decide which way to go, every minute we have to decide our path.  Always there are atleast two paths.  One is what is comfortable, convenient, acceptable to the society.  The other is the one which is not often treaded.  It could be dangerous.  We don’t know whether it would be comfortable and convenient or dangerous.
Oh! What pleasure it would give when we enter the unthreaded path!!!.  It would be a great pleasure at the present.  We don’t  follow it because we are more concerned about the future than the present.  We are more concerned with our experiences of the past rather than the present.  Our experiences have conditioned us not to try anything new.  The new may give us extraordinarily great success, comfort and pleasure in the future.  But  we don’t  know the yield.  We are worried that the yield may be bad.  This worry is enough not to choose something new for the present.
Every person who has lived in his own way is disliked by the society.  Socratice was poisoned.  Jesus was crucified.
Why are we afraid of dislike by the society?  Life is so beautiful to live in a original way.  It is the defect of the society that it does not like individuals with original ways and original ideas.  Should we give up our individuality to please the society?.
Respectability is a stupid condition between us and our life.  I have throughout been telling that what is relevant is only the present and we need not necessarily respect judgement of others..
Unfortunately we don’t know ourselves.  We know ourselves only as the society recognizes us.  We recognize ourselves through the mirror of the society.  Until we are able to see ourselves without the media of the mirror called as society, we can never improve.
There is so much of pleasure in the uncertainty.  There is so much of pleasure in the unknown fanthoms of future.  If only we live wanting security every moment, we will ot have  the pleasure of uncertain future.  Apart from that our progress would also cease by what is called as stagnation of security.
I am not advising  to avoid danger.  I am asking  all of us  to live with awareness of danger where danger is our shelter, our resting place.  When we  start living under the shelter of danger, the danger ceases to be danger.
We   should have no antagonism towards insecurity.  If we  reject insecurity.  If we  have antagonism, it can never become our abode. When we  accept danger as natural, it becomes our abode.
Life is wonderful if it is exposed to storms, cyclones, dangers and uncertainty.
Why should write this when  I have failed?
It is said that when a person who has knowledge,  does not share it, he will become a ghost.  Knowing truth is one aspect.  It is not the end.  We have to share it.  If anybody listens, it is good.  If nobody listens, then also it is good.  If the listener understands, it is good.  If he does not understand it is ok.
My failure is no reason to say that I should not tell the truth.