Thursday, April 29, 2010

Should we avoid war?
By the word war I mean war as generally understood i.e. war between nations and also  also fight among individuals for the purposes of assertion.
Every person should be interested in the ultimate results.  If good comes through peace, we should welcome peace and if good flows from war, we should welcome war.
It is not proper to talk of non-violence as the absolute rule.  Violence and non-violence, war and peace are equally welcome depending on the ultimate results it would yield. 
Very often it is our cowardice which hides behind our talk of non-violence.  We have to sincerely ask ourselves as to how many times we avoid confrontation on the ground why precipitate the matter while in reality we are afraid to face a possible bad consequence.  It is not  that bad consequences would follow when we assert.  It is the fear that bad consequence may ensue that would prevent us from asserting.  It is this cowardice that makes us avoid confrontation.
Most probably  sorry always  assertion and confrontation would give better results.  If we are on the right path, the right must be asserted even at the cost of confrontation failing which we allow incorrect things to prevail.  The question is why do we do that.
It is not enough that we are on the right path.  It is necessary that we shall continue to be on the right path inspite of opposition and if required by assertion and by confrontation.
In India except Lord Krishna no one has welcome wars.  But it does not mean that we have not fought wars.  We have fought wars for others.  We have fought war as soldiers of turks, soldier of mughals, soldiers of British and we have fought war for the sake of our alien rulers and our oppressors.  We have fought war for the sake of our slavery.  We have fought war to prolong our enslavement.  We have done everything possible to continue to be in bondage.  We have fought all these wars not because we were courageous but because we were afraid even to refuse to participate in war, even to refuse to  fight.  We got into the situation of not being able to resist war which war would have continued our slavery only because initially we yielded to them stating that there should be no violence and we told that there should be no violence to hide our cowardice.
Invariably war results in progress.  War  results in castles and hence  in very very good buildings.  War results in scientific inventions and high technology. This will help the country.  Every country which was actively involved in war has progressed.
Every man should be guided with no settled notion of what is good and what is bad.  It is not correct to say that air conditioned room with no disturbance is a place to find peace.  In the thick of the market you can find peace.  You can be at peace at the very center of the cyclone. You can show abundant love in the battle field.
There should be no war for war sake.  But war is a part of life’s game when it is to be played, it must be played. War cannot be avoid   at any cost.  War cannot be avoided at the cost of truth.  
War should  not be avoided if it results in peace being affected.  War should  not be avoided if it results in not being able to assert the right.  Strength and ability to wage a clear  and decisive war is a must if peace has to prevail and if right has to prevail.
Inspired by KRISHNA by OSHO


  1. Geerally it is believed that the outgong president of a country and incoming president of that country will have a meeting before the new president takes charge. In one such occasion,an old president sid to the incoming president; Son, there are capable people in the country to give you different proposals about the country, but your yes or no decides the fate of the country. Like wise whether the war has to be fought or not is a million dollar questiion. A judicious dicision, which will be needed to wagea war, but some time with unseen misery and consequences of the war which makes to think whether war was necessary.

  2. It is a twisted take on war. There a few things in life which are absolute and “Avoiding War” is one of them. Unless we have such an attitude, war mongering will become the order of the day. If we romanticize about war, the way you do in your post, trivial things will trigger major wars. It's easy to take a philosophical view on everything, but will you live in a war torn country? How is war benefiting the civil war torn nations of Africa? Germany and Japan bounced back from major wars and are now among the many developed nations in the world, but anyone who says that these countries would be down in the dumps without those major wars, would be naive. How are we to say their progress was not postponed by a few decades, due to those wars?