Sunday, May 16, 2010


Most of us plead inability to please others and live happily due to want of financial strength. We think that we are not able to please people because we have economic recession.
Why don’t we we realize that economic recession is no ground not to live a good life. We can take our parents to a local temple instead of pilgrimage, We can take our children to a park nearby, instead of international holiday resort.
Happiness is a question of attitude. If we are not happy as poor men, we cannot be happy as emperors.
Poverty is not dependent upon how much less we have, it depends upon how much more we want.
If only our needs are less, we are rich. If we have no needs we are the richest. Experience in life does not require money.
Earlier I had written a Blog on existing and living. Living is a question of attitude. To know whether we are living or not ask one question viz. when was the last time I did something for the first time. This is a question asked by T.R. Rangarajan.
Let want of finance not make our life wanting in everything. We don’t need money to brush our teeth with our left hand for the first time. We don’t need money to sit with our children in a park and play. We don’t need money to enjoy preparing a new type of food for the wife. Let not economic recession result in recession of our interests to live well.

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  1. Not only economic, any kind of work pressure should not take toll on the family front. Generally time itself is a major problem for the young and economically prosperous paents. Do spend quality time with your wards and family, to enjoy your life better. It is time to think if you should deny your children of their own brother or a sister for an economic reason. Relationships sometimes will be very important in life, which money cannot replace.