Tuesday, May 18, 2010


To C.L. Ramanath,
With respect to your comments on ‘What am I for’ I had never differentiated between myself, society and we. I had only said that we should live without a purpose. We should live to be an end by ourselves.
My personal view is I as well as you are important and neither I have a business to interfere with you nor you have a business to interfere with me. I do not want to live for others and I don’t want others to live for me.
I had never said we should disrespect society or some one else. I certainly said that I am important.
With respect to your comments on my Blog ‘Poisonous hope of parents’ my very objection was that parents try to guide too much. I am not in agreement with you that I said that parents should not guide children. I only said that parents should not try to make the child utility oriented. I never said that parents should not have love. I said their expectation should not prevail over a situation where the child would be able to take his own decision.
With respect to your comment on ‘Teach the children how to read’ I don’t know why you say that I said that parents should not ask the kids to read. On the other hand I had specifically said that we should encourage the children to read. I think my Blog has been misunderstood by you. To emphasize that, I repeat what I have said in my Blog.
“It is not enough if we emphasize to the children the need to read, we should emphasize the mode of studying. We must tell that as and when they are reading their mind should simultaneously work and find out what is useful and what is not. They must learn the discretion to skip pages while reading when they come to useless information. Atleast if they can’t skip pages, they must have the wisdom and knowledge to throw overboard what is not useful.”
With respect to your comment on ‘Give the best gift’ you have a total misconception of the word sacrifice. Sacrifice is never two sided. It is always one sided. I have one such relationship. I go down on my knees. I am not able to reciprocate. I am sorry for that. But that does not mean that I should not accept the gift which is given to me. Further although I said that I am not able to reciprocate, it is not for me to say that. May be some one thinks that I have given the best gift and I may not know.
With respect to your comments on ‘The truth you resist is the battle you fight’ what you have written is correct. But my Blog does not cover that situation. My Blog says at a time when you can’t take some one else’s behavior how you should deal with it.
Sorry for the delay. I depend on Stenographer and I don’t know typing.

To Archana,
You are wrong in writing that speech is silver and silence is gold is incorrect. It is correct. What we are dealing with is a situation where people speak.
I had always said communication is very important. The reason I told so is because we have not learnt to express through silence and we have not understood to understand silence.
You yourself have said that the person who speaks less is liked. It is not a merit to say that you don’t care not being liked. You must feel happy to be liked. But absence of liking should not bother you.
There is joy in silence. You may wonder how can I speak about it when I don’t know anything about silence.
Believe me I know what I am missing because of being not able to be silent.

To Bhaskar,
I am sure that to forget is to remember works. I have not read it anywhere. I have heard it somewhere. I have seen in life that those who remember minute things like color of the saree, the type of saree worn by someone on a particular day, the food prepared 5 days back, are not capable of remembering other things which according to us may be more important.
We can put it the other way. It is not the quantity of what you can remember. It is the quality of what you can remember. In fact in my Blog I have emphasized this aspect. I had told that you must try to remember that which is of quality to you meaning that which is of relevance to you.
I will try to find out whether there is any scientific basis to say “to forget is to remember”.

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