Monday, April 26, 2010

Theory and practice are different.  Theoretical aspect must be known to put it into practice.  But mere knowledge of theory is not sufficient. 
A good life has to be experienced.  Any amount of knowledge as to what good life is would not make one’s life good.  It has to be experienced for which one has to transform himself and his attitudes. 
Your knowledge is futile if it does not result in experience.  Your knowledge becomes a deception.  You think you know it.  It is not true.  In reality that knowledge is no knowledge unless you experience. It would be a knowledge without you knowing it. 
Experiencing a good life requires participation for which your outlook, temperament and attitude is of great consequence.  For that you must know what attitude would help.  Some guidelines may be as follows. 
On one side of the razor edge, success and good life lies and on the other side lies failure and bad life.  If you intend changing yourself or your attitude, by traveling step by step and gradually, you are never transformed.  At the most you are modified, refined a little change here and there.  May be you are better looking, your ugliness is hidden inside, you have colored yourself.  But you remain the same. You must be strong, you must have the courage, energy and conviction to jump and change yourself and your attitudes. 
To achieve experience there should be no guilt feeling.  You should not condemn yourself.  You must know that you are not a sinner.  You must not reject yourself.  You must not be your enemy.  Love yourself.  Accept yourself.  You may be in error, you might have committed wrong, that does not make you a sinner.  That is no ground for you to dislike yourself and reject yourself.   It is only your mistake which has to be condemned and not yourself. 
Only strong people can experience.  Weak people can only have belief.  Your strength grows with your experience and not with your belief. 
You must have clarity that by seeking you may get wealth, power, prestige.  All these are outworldly.  Inworldly the only thing that matters is experience.  To have experience you don’t need wealth, power, money, prestige.  What you need is attitude to experience life. 
There cannot be any universal rule that people with wealth, power, money and prestige experience live and others do not.  In fact experiencing life is totally independent of wealth, money, power and prestige.  A wrong concept that without money, life cannot be lived well or experienced would be wrong and such concept should be avoided.
For living you must live in the present. 
Desire and seeking relates to future.  To live well you must experience the present. 
To search experience there should be no hurry and no impatience.  Greater the patience, easier is the search. 
I had written earlier that achievement is a future and what you are concerned is your effort of today. 
You have a goal.  That is not at all important.  You should never give importance to the goal you have.  But you should give maximum importance to the effort to achieve your goal.  For you the effort to the goal is everything.  Once you develop this attitude, you are never disappointed and with this attitude reaching goal is much easier although it is not of much consequence. 


  1. "If you intend changing yourself or your attitude, by travelling step by step and gradually, you are never transformed. At the most you are modified, refined a little change here and there"
    I have always believed that transformation doesn't happen overnight, it's always gradual. Your post is gives me an alternate view which is equally convincing. That's a whole new point of view for me, something to ponder over!

  2. A small tail piece to your article:
    Future is not what we planned for tomorrow! It is the result of what we do today. Do the best in the present day and enjoy the future.