Saturday, April 17, 2010

To speak of myself good reputation is one of the many annoyances to which I have never been subjected to.  This is what was written by Oscar Wilde in his book ‘A woman of no importance’.
This is what I have throughout been canvassing viz. live by yourself and there is no need to assess yourself through the eyes of others.
  Reputation is  nothing  other than how you are assessed by the public at large.  The day you stop bothering about looking at yourself through the eyes of others, reputation will have no meaning.
Identically people would say that you have to develop a personality.  Developing a personality is to project yourself in a manner that the outside world would assess you in a particular manner.  Developing personality has an innate meaning of putting forth efforts to go up in the eyes of the society and others.
As long as you want happiness through the assessment of others, you are a beggar.  You have to please some one.  You want a gift from some one.  You want some one else to give you happiness.
The only way by which you can be sure of being successful is not to bother about how you are assessed by the public.
If you assess yourself to be the best, that is the best that can happen to you.  No one can dispute the omni potency of the mind.  If you think you are the best, it is final as far as you are concerned.
But to be honestly the best in your eyes is difficult.  You have to live only in the white not in the black or grey.   
In reality if you find that you are the best, your mental outlook will be such that your confidence will be very great.  I don’t think I need to write about the effect of confidence.  If you feel confident you would succeed in anything you do.



  1. No writer can match Oscar Wilde's wit! How I wish I could be half as witty as him. That quote makes me want to get my hands on that book as soon as possible..LOL

  2. This is in response to the article written in the blog on 17th april.
    It is an absolute requrement not to think or give importance to what others feel about you. It is morale booster to assess yourself and think you are the greatest to have the pep and energy to go about what you want to do from your eyes only. I would call this an 'I' factor where there is only I and there is no room for others and their feelings. I personally feel it is important to atleast give it a thought and atleast put an effort to find out what others think of us. If everybody does not think about us as to what I want to feel about me, there is some thing wrong. We are lliving in a society, and if we think I donot care and think about others feelings it is very selfish and I feel there are such people who are successful also. Being successful and very successful nobody would say on your face you are selfish. Nobody has any gain in expressing what they feel about you so they would not express but at the back of their mind all of them will have a similar feeling about you. In large as a human being, I feel one should think of healthy society. Concern about our near and dear ones, care for their feelings and also make them happy. I feel animals also would contribute in their societies for the well being of the entire society than 'I' factor which unfortunately exists only in human beings.