Saturday, July 24, 2010


There was a person who believed only in Hari, he did not like Hara. But he had one idol of Harihara wherein one face was of Hari and another face was of Hara.
Every day when he has to perform pooja, he used to block the nostrils of Hara lest Hara would take the perfume of the incense he would offer, he would block the ears of Hara lest he would hear his chanting, he would put some mud or such on the eyes of Hara lest Hara would see him doing pooja. This is how he performed the pooja. He was expecting that Hari would come and bless him.
One day Hara came before him and told I am absolutely pleased with the faith you have in me. Please ask me for any boon.
The man was perplexed. He asked I have never offered you pooja. I don’t want you. In what way you are impressed?
Hara answered “No devotee of mine ever had as much faith in me as you had. The pains that you took to close my nostrils and so on every time you did pooja, is absolute indication of your absolute faith in me. I am extremely happy that there is one person who has so much of faith in me”.
If you are obsessed with anything, the thing with which you are obsessed would certainly hunt you one day.

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  1. I think there is great difference between obsession and faith. The two should be taken properly. Obsession do require to be looked in to.