Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Borrowed knowledge is no good.
God and knowledge of God is borrowed knowledge. To almost every one God had never been an experience. It is based on other’s teachings.
Atheism or Godlessness should be an experiment. It should not necessarily be the end. When you undertake such experiment you will get cleansed, you will shake of borrowed knowledge, you will try to find your own route.
Osho says an authentic atheist is better than pseudo theist but atheism should be the first step and not the end of the journey.
Society is against thinking. Society does not like children questioning about God or religion. Society wants God and religion to be accepted as the child is told. For this reason children will accept the truth of others.
One must first get rid of borrowed knowledge of God. Should become free from teachings of the society, books and sanyasi, then a person would become empty. At that stage he will deny God. He is the atheist.
If his journey does not stop there in becoming an atheist, if it persists, if he analysis the outer world and inner world, if he analysis the ultimate good of pursuing outer attractions and in the alternative making an enquiry into his self, he will realize that atheism is not the ultimate. He will become a real theist and he will cease to be a pseudo theist.
First become a genuine atheist. Keep your mind open. Never live on borrowed knowledge without experience.

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