Sunday, August 8, 2010


I was very busy. Sorry that I have not written for long.
If there is God, he must be omnipotent. It is so by the very definition of God.
But we see misery and more misery everywhere. If misery exists in the eyesight of omnipotent God, it means he wants misery to exist. He wants people to be miserable. Otherwise as omnipotent he would have removed all miseries.
It is surprising and in fact amusing that such God who has kept people miserable gets undeserved praise to be worshipped by beings whom he tortures.
He looks at things being bad, he makes it worse by giving hopes to men that future might be better. He gives men strength that enables them to forego even the joys that is possible with the idea that future could be better.
God is omnipotent. So he must be smiling. We have seen people perfect in renunciation and worship. This must be the work of omnipotent God.
The only upright thing for any human being is to be free. Man is free to examine, to criticize, to know to create and to imagine to create.
It is only to man this freedom belongs. It is this freedom which makes him superior. It is this freedom which gives him superiority in-spite of the irresistable forces that control his out world life.
In-spite of this freedom if man is willing to prostrate himself before Gods, without enquiring whether God is worthy of his worship, he is surrendering his freedom and he does not deserve to live.
If a person become so much a slave to God that he dare not even in his heart, think or allow the thought to come that his master God deserves no worship, it is unfortunate.
Tomorrow we shall examine our freedom and what gives us the freedom to say “I don’t care to the God who is omnipotent and gives misery”. What gives us freedom to say “I don’t care to the omnipotent”.

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