Sunday, March 28, 2010

Oh young parents. Are the children and the mother country safe in your hands?

I have seen that in most houses the married couple with young children often shout at each other. They ill-treat the servants.Respect to anyone is seldom shown. Sorry, respect is not shown to anyone at any point of time. Both parents find it a matter of pride that they had lived well and they want to announce it to the world and they repeatedly tell in the presence of their children that they had lived well.
What do they say to show that they lived well? They say their concept of having lived well.Their concept is that they satisfied their egos, they missed the classes, they ill-treated the teachers, the teachers were made to cry, they smoked well, enjoyed life to the brim.
The moment mother and father do not show respect to each other, what would happen to the child? The moment father or mother or both of them tell that they missed the classes, they teased the teachers, what will happen to the child?
“When parents are constantly quarreling with one another, these daily bickerings often descend to rudeness such as cannot be adequately imagined (rudeness is patently clear when the parents speak to each other). Parents quarrel in the presence of their parents and parents-in-law. BY this it is made clear to children that parents and parents-in law do not deserve respect.Naturally children would conclude that they need not respect their parents.The results of children being exposed to such rude behavior between parents, would become apparent, later on, in the children. At the age of 4 to 6 child can no longer ignore those reasons which an adult would find revolting. The reasons for fighting are normally are very petty.Children will be infected with moral poison. Children would think that they must fight and shout for petty things.With this moral poison the young citizen goes to the primary school.
The father and mother themselves talk before the children in the most disparaging way about the teacher and the school, the happiness one would get when teachers are disrespected and made to cry. The children think that it is a matter of pride not to respect school and teachers. They are more inclined to insult the teachers.
What the children listen at home does not tend to increase respect for his human surroundings, the child sees nothing good in human nature as a whole.
To the child every institution from the school to the government is bad and does not deserve respect. Be it religion, morals, state, social order, everything is the same, none of them deserve respect.
It is this young future citizen who would develop striking features in his character, his chief characters are incredible ignorance in so far as real knowledge, cynical impudence with an attitude towards morality which is really startling at so young an age.
What is of value to such a person? Can such a person to whom nothing is sacred respect or love parents? He has seen only fight between parents. He has never experienced anything noble. He is intimately acquainted with the lowest kind of human existence. Except that you have money, riches, cars, you have not seen respect to human beings, you have not seen values.
The servants are there to be controlled, to be scolded, to be kept under thumb. Wife and husband is there to listen to the spouse or else to be ill-treated.
This child has the habit of reviling all authority by the time he is 14, he has been acquainted only with moral filth and vileness
Everything which might stimulate his thoughts to higher things is excluded.
It is this citizen who enters the school of life.
What can we expect from these children? Will they be happy? Will they be useful to the mother country? Would the parents be happy to see the children when they are grown up?
Please note respect to each other among parents, respect to the servants, respect to the fellow human beings should be the way of life. Mistakes in this regard would cost you the welfare of your child and motherland.


  1. "He has NEVER experienced anything noble. He is intimately acquainted with the lowest kind of human existence."
    NEVER?? No family is that dysfunctional!!
    I get your point and am in agreement, but you're exaggerating by using strong words like "never" to make your point, aren't you?

  2. I think this blog is a little exaggerated.

  3. I feel this blog is very clear case of prejudice. It is not fair to assume the behaviours and the implications on the young minds. It is a family. It has to have all kinds of exposure to kids and it is good so far it is fair. It is the learning process for the kids whether good or bad will totally depend on the strength of characters of the family members than to suggest not to have an argument in the presence of parents or children. Children have to learn from your actions or deeds not what you try to teach them. Unless the arguments should not involve children which most of are expected to follow to avoid normal confliicts, arguments or similar situations are part of life and learning for the kids.---> Rami