Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The culprit is Mithun. He found fault that the subject is not interesting. Even if it is of interest, it is to a very small circle of people who may have children. He insisted that I should change the subject. He also played on my weakness of desiring to have large number of readers in due course of time. He told that there will not be many readers unless I change the subject.
I felt that he is right. Added to that my work also increased, so I abandoned the project of writing blog ‘Daddy Cool’.
Adithya and Giri felt otherwise. They felt that having started, I should continue.
I think if I write generally on one and all subjects of interest to me, may be my line of thinking of how to be happy, how to be carefree, how to lead Bindas life, how to live totally tension free life, the same would cover Daddy Cool subject also. Most friends would agree that I am happy, carefree and would not have any tension atleast most of the times.
With this line of thinking I abandoned ‘Daddy Cool’ as a subject by itself but revive it as a part of my general outlook to life.
Now the problem is God knows what to start with. God is my friend. I am sure he will tell me what to start with.
See you hopefully tomorrow.
Yesterday I wrote God is my friend. Believe me he is my friend.
All interesting moments of life comes without prior intimation, without prior warning. One must receive the moments with pleasure. One must be ever ready to receive new occasion either of interest and pleasure or of pain.
Most people think that discipline means to be bound by a charter of preplanned behavior. Getting up at a particular time, reading at a given time, doing prescribed rituals without failing is thought to be discipline. An attitude of this kind would prevent you from being able to receive new occasions with the welcome gesture.
God does not like you to worship him leaving all interesting moments of life. It is certainly not worth doing pooja or rituals if your girlfriend is waiting for you. God is to the least interested in having your pooja. He is not feeling shortage of pooja and that you not doing pooja cannot hurt him.
You are the child of God. God wants his child to be happy. If you are happy, worship is done. If you are happy, God is happy. The real pooja of God is you being happy.
No one likes his child to be a beggar. God also does not like you to be a beggar. He does not like you asking him for anything. He does not even care to be remembered by you. He will get suffocated with too much of rituals, worship and so on.
The question is should a person pray God. Pray means “to beg”. This is the last thing expected of any person.
However the word ‘prayer’ although is a noun form of ‘pray’, is understood differently in the general context. Most people think ‘prayer’ means saluting God. In my blog I use the word ‘prayer’ in the context of saluting God not in its dictionary sense.
I have not yet told what is meant by ‘God’. For the time being we shall proceed on the basis that everyone knows what ‘God’ is. We have to salute him meaning in my context we have to offer prayer.
I am writing about prayer because the moment you understand the meaning and the mode of prayer, you can lead tension free life, Bindas life, carefree life and the best life. This type of life does not come with the money you have, with the wealth you have, with the power you have. All these will come from within. For it to come from within you must have good knowledge of prayer.
From tomorrow we shall see different shades of prayer and how it helps to have good life and to be ‘Daddy Cool’.

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