Wednesday, March 24, 2010

my fault

Very surprisingly I got complements from the most unexpected quarter i.e. from my daughter-in-law that my Blog has come off well. Equally surprising was when I had a chat with Adithya, he told that my Blog has become a bore. He was almost finding serious fault with me as to why I should bring God between us.
May be I am in error. I am not able to select a subject which everyone would receive. However the solace is everyone will be in error some time or the other inspite of caution.
Lightness of heart is much healthier than excessive nervousness that error has been committed.
Any way in lighter veins I am surprised at the dislike Adithya appears to have to God.
Oscar Wilde said “conversation should touch everything but should concentrate itself on nothing”. Probably Blog should be made into a conversation touching everything and not concentrating on anything.
I shall try something like that. At any rate my endeavour is to write something which interests everyone.
See you tomorrow.


  1. I absolutely disagree! not your fault at all. I am enjoying all of your blogs.

  2. nooo way!! definitely i liked yr blog FIL! cudos! keep it going!