Thursday, February 18, 2010


I am 62 years. Naturally my friends are around 60 years old and they are all Indians.

In India most people who are around 60 years do not have e-mail account and they are not normally used to work on computer.

As a consequence I rely upon for my communication to younger generation consisting of friends of my son. Thanks to one and all of them for not having rejected me as an old hag.

The friends of my son always called me ‘Daddy Cool’. They were surprised at my ability to t

tolerate the whimsical behavior of my son. O God! I hope my son will not shout that I write all these. However it is not a problem because although he troubled me like nobody’s business between his age of 14 to 21, now I do not think anyone can have a better son than what I have.

My son has a non-attached love to me. Although he will not get me a Dosa by going to the hotel, because he thinks that I am capable of having it by myself, he would take me to good films. He knows I don’t have company of youngsters, he encourages me to meet his friends and he has made my life interesting. Thanks to him.

Now my son is 26 years old. He has a son. His friends (of course my friends too) are all either married or about to get married. I think it is proper for them to be ‘DADDY COOLS’.

U will have my views as to how to be DADDY COOL from tomorrow.

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  1. Firstly, congrats on your first blog.. Awesome to have you put your thoughts online.. Its quite valuable.. Seeing you back in my life.. Feels awesome..
    Keep it coming..
    Also, its not just Abhi who had to go through the things you had to say to him, it was us too.. I still remember stuck in the hall of the GP house and you were walking from one room to another scolding him.. wow.. just can't imagine those days..